Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The constant goings of Josh & Allie

Hi Everyone,
Here is my my first married blog :) I realize its about time I update you all on our lives. We have been crazy busy since our exciting month of August. Since then both Josh & I have had big changes in work. I am no longer at City Life (the cafe) and am just busy babysitting. Josh is still at best buy but in a new department and working monday through friday full time. I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have weekends to spend together. Unfortunately, him being in retail has us trapped for the holidays. We luckily have Josh's parents in town so we wont be alone, but it is definitely sad to be spending my second Christmas without my parents. We are certainly looking forward to putting Josh's vacation time to use and visiting family as soon as we can! Other excitement is my return to school in january. I am not exactly looking forward to it, but am ready to get all my classes out of the way and get my degree :)
We miss you all and hope you have a FABULOUS THANKSGIVING!
Love, The Hockings


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