Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Month

My sweet pea is one month old! WHAT?! Having a child really makes you realize how fast time passes by. Although I am heartbroken that my boy is growing so fast, I am also so excited for all that is to come. Overall, our first month with Lincoln has been incredible! He is such a good baby and I have enjoyed him so much. We are working on getting him to sleep in his pack n play in our room, but ultimately he doesn't like to be separated from Josh or I and really only sleeps well if he is being held on either of our chests. 

Weight: Unofficially, huge :) we havent had a doctors appointment since his 2 week visit when he was just under 7 lbs

Height: I measured today and he was around 22 inches, but with all the kicking and rolling I am not 100% sure

Clothing size: Mostly newborn with a few 0-3 months thrown in the mix. Anything newborn size that is footed is too short though

Diaper size: I decided to purchase size 1, which I think was a little premature since they are HUGE, but you were quickly outgrowing the newborn size.

Feeding: Every 2 hours during the day and up to a 5 hour stretch many nights, your awesome :)

Milestones:  You are getting really good with head control, you have some strong legs that you enjoy kicking, you have super strong grip and like to pull Mama's hair and you are becoming a pro at nursing

Adventures:  Getting a Christmas tree, meeting MANY doggies, going to several local breweries

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Coffee! And constant snuggles from you!

Now, prepare to be overwhelmed with pictures of the little mans last month. 

First Christmas tree outing at 6 days old

Perfect little features!


Snuggled up and ready to shop on new years day!

Old man hair


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